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Here is a short list and samples of the services offered. Please contact us with any questions.


Whether it is a celebrity or corporate video,  interviews are a great way to bring information to the public that prefers to be spoken to - than take the time to read. We have extensive experience in doing research to prepare interview questions.


 Starting with the voice over script or script for on-camera talent, we offer full product demonstration videos. Voice overs and critical audio is recorded in our 24-track digital/analog recording studio to ensure the audio and video are the highest quality possible.
 We have seasoned musicians available to demonstrate guitar, bass, keyboard, pro audio and drum related products.


From band performances to chromakey "green screen" with special effects, we can offer a music video package that can work with almost any budget. We have serviced artists and record companies by working together to find the best solution for the available budget.


Live performance videos with multitrack audio recording is also available.


We have a special division that specializes in creating highlight reels to promote yoga studios, classes, instructors and fitness classes. The 3 min and 60 sec format has boosted memberships for fitness and yoga centers when posted to social media sites. We also specialize in producing yoga and fitness instructional videos for those that sell online video subscriptions.


"We use RC Video Productions for all our "making-of" recording studio documentaries and music videos. We've tried others, and RC Video Productions can't be beat."

 – Vérité Records

"It's rare to find someone to properly cover the set-up of an arena size concert and have a working knowledge of most aspects of the sound system. RC Video Productions were able to conduct interviews and ask in-depth questions about the production "

Akroz Professional

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