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Transfer Services

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If you have old VHS or 8mm home video tapes, we can transfer them to DVD. We offer this service to Southern CA residents that are in our area. 

VHS Transfer

$35 per VHS tape to DVD transfer (4 hour running time max)

  •  Must verify the total running time of the VHS tape is under 4 hours. If you are not sure of the total running time, we will check for you for an additional $10.

  • If your video tape runs longer than 4 hours, we must use a 2nd DVD to fit the remaining. 2nd DVD is $15

  • This is a straight transfer from VHS to DVD. There is editing. All content from your VHS will be on the DVD.


8mm film Transfer

$40 per 3-inch 8mm or Super 8 film reel (no sound) transfer to DVD

$50 per small 8mm or Super 8 film reel (no sound) transfer to Blu-Ray

  • You may have multiple reels transferred to a single DVD or Blu-Ray Disc. Please alert us ahead of time if you plan to transfer multiple film reels to a single disc.

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